Elisa Rose Nuich

Designer | UX UI | Visual Communication

Elisa Rose Nuich

Designer | UX UI | Visual Communication

'Speculative Memory'

Master of Communication Design Professional Research Project: Speculative & Critical Design

Wolf Blass Makers' Project Personalised Wine Label Campaign

Brand Activation Campaign

Collingwood Arts Precinct

Visual Identity System Design Project

Melbourne School of Tennis

Brand Identity Design, Creative, Web Design, Content Creation, Social Media

Carlton Football Club Graphic Design Internship 2016

Digital Design Graphics

Interite Healthcare Interiors Brand Identity

19 Crimes Campaign "Get Your Mug Shot Taken"

Brand Activation Campaign

E-KO Cafe

Social Enterprise Identity Design Project

Seppelt Media Wall Design

Creative Concept Direction


Urban Interpretation Design Project

Seppelt Prosecco Terrace

Brand Activation

Benalla Art Gallery

Typographic Identity Design Project